Independent Coursework

Technical Proficiency

Foreign Language

Work Experience

App Developer, Clare Yan Technical Communication, Redmond, WA; 2015

  • Executed the end-to-end app development for Android OS from design to testing and publishing.
  • Engaged in understanding scenarios for feature areas to ensure ease of use (e.g. minimize click count, no scrolling).
  • Obtained Java development experience and improved reading and coding competency in object-oriented programming.
  • Learned about Android tools, IDE for Android (Android Studio), and Android programming.
  • Worked with development challenges such as different form factor and API version compatibility.
  • Collaborated on the design of the required feature graphic components and wrote all promotional text for publication.
  • Collected and processed the required screenshots for phones and tablets to showcase the app's features and functionality for the Store Listing page on Google Play.
  • Note: The Easy Unit Converter is now available on Google Play.

Technical Writer, Microsoft, Redmond, WA; 2014–2015

  • Drove the development of SDK documentation that included API reference, Getting Started guide, and sample code for the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP) REST API.
  • Facilitated developer relations between e-commerce engineering teams and partners by providing trace examples, explanation of API calls, and REST API concepts in the documentation.
  • Worked closely with feature teams, product managers, and senior engineers to improve the documentation in an iterative environment.
  • Tested and troubleshot the CSP REST API in the internal testing environment (Engineering Dogfood).
  • Updated help forum queries, FAQs, and revised the documentation based on developer feedback.
  • Categorized customer issues/bugs for easy analysis by the triage team.
  • Wrote and edited content using XML editor XMetaL and applied WDCML (Microsoft XML standard).
  • Published the documentation following MS Content Publishing standards on Microsoft Developer Network Partner Center.

Technical Editor,, Seattle, WA; 2014

  • Converted Seller Support Help content to DITA in structured XML-based authoring environment.
  • Edited DITA/XML code and complex content sets using XMetaL, Trisoft.
  • Conditionally processed multiple language layers and their output destinations.
  • Compared, edited, translated, and ported Chinese/English Seller Support content to achieve single-source publishing in English.

Technical Writer,, Redmond, WA; 2012–2013

  • Wrote the documentation for a UI library SDK that included API reference guide, tutorials, examples, and sample code.
  • Performed basic code testing.
  • Launched the website responsible for product promotion and deployment.
  • Tools & technologies used: MS Visual Studio, Perforce, and Doxygen; familiarity with MFC, object-oriented programming in C++, and Windows application programming.

Kindle Content QA Specialist,, Seattle, WA; 2011–2012

  • Designed the testing method for the first Kindle English-Chinese & Chinese-Chinese dictionaries.
  • Rigorously tested digital dictionaries on Kindle devices and Kindle cross platform application on Windows PC and Android tablet; reduced failure rate from 7% to 1% for inflection test, 40% to 1% for In-Book test.
  • Proofread Kindle books to ensure compliance with established standards.
  • Thought creatively to resolve content issues in relation to HTML, CSS, and XML, and identified solutions that enabled the delivery of a high quality product.
  • Maintained meticulous reporting and tracking of failure rate using Excel, and presented findings to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Reported device/software bugs using JIRA and verified fixes.
  • Worked cross-functionally to communicate errors, perceived errors, and product improvements in various types of Kindle books and devices.

Technical Writer,, Redmond, WA; 2010–2011

  • Wrote the end-user documentation for a 3D graphics application that included web content (tutorial/quick start guide, reference guide, FAQ) and the context-sensitive application help.
  • Tools used: RoboHelp, FrameMaker, Captivate, and Photoshop.

Fiction Writer, Self, Davis, CA; 2004–2008

  • Researched, wrote, and edited the novel The Mapmaker.
  • Queried for publication.

R&D Chemist II, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Fremont, CA; 2002–2004

  • Researched and developed assays for Drugs of Abuse, Therapeutic Drug Monitor, and Immunosuppressant Drugs.
  • Collected data using Hitachi Clinical Analyzer throughout the development cycle: beginning with antibody screening, followed by appropriate enzyme conjugate and antibody pairing, and production of pilot lots of calibrators and enzyme solutions.
  • Drafted proposals for 510K FDA submissions.

Translator, UC Davis, Davis, CA; 2001–2002

  • Translated interviews from Chinese to English between a researcher and Chinese migrant workers on the subject of peasant migration in the 21st century China.

Academic Researcher, UC Davis School of Medicine, Davis, CA; 1999–2001

  • Researched the function of Glutathion S-Transferase in E. coli using disc sensitivity test, minimal inhibitory concentration test, electrophoresis and transformation for logarithmically growing cells.

Patent Researcher, Applied Phytologics, Inc., Sacramento, CA; 2000–2001

  • Researched relevant literature on the subject of milk proteins and their benefits to breastfed infants.
  • Compiled and organized critical information for filing patent applications and marketing plans.



  • Outstanding academic achievement in the area of research, 2001 from the University of California, Davis.