Android App Development

  • End-to-end app development for Android OS
  • Java development and object-oriented programming
  • Understanding scenarios for feature areas
  • Android programming and Android tools
  • Graphics assets and screenshots for publication

API Documentation

  • Writing for a developer audience
  • Online Doxygen reference
  • Tutorials
  • Code testing

Content Creation and Management

  • Using word-processing features and formatting with tags
  • Controlling page layout
  • Building books
  • Working with XML-based structured authoring

Compiled HTML Help

  • Managing content and project structure
  • Working with HTML and CSS
  • Map files and map IDs in context-sensitive help


  • Creating layer composition and working with blending
  • Working with opacity and manipulating alpha channels
  • Working with nondestructive editing using smart object
  • Applying filters and lighting effects

Interactive Rapid eLearning

  • Creating demonstrations and simulations
  • Working with images
  • Working with text captions and timeline
  • Working with audio

Fast Document Layout and Style Creation

  • Generating table of contents
  • Using style to format content
  • Working with graphics and text box
  • Working with header and footer
  • Working with breaks and section breaks


  • Using Track Changes & Comment in MS Word
  • Using Microsoft Manual of Style
  • Using Chicago Manual of Style
  • Using Garner's Modern American Usage