I received my undergraduate education from the University of California, Davis. Almost immediately after the graduation, I relocated to the greater San Francisco Bay Area to continue my work as a chemist in biotechnology. Following several productive years, I felt my interest for language and writing was unfulfilled. It was then that I decided to move back to Davis to write fiction full-time. I feel grateful, until this day, to the town of Davis for giving me a sense of permission to write uninhibitedly while nurturing me on this journey of self-discovery.

Upon completing the novel The Mapmaker, I was presented with a unique opportunity of writing software documentation for an independent software developer. Through the process of developing technical content vital to the communication between the end-users and the developer, it became apparent to me that technical communication combines my interest in technology and my strength in writing. Today I continue to work on software documentation projects, stay informed of the latest industry trends, and focus on my career as a technical communicator.